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Meta titles are limited by pixels, not characters, and the pixel limit depends on the width of the Google SERP.

Google are currently using two SERP widths:

  1. 512px width – older, more common style
  2. 600px width – newer, less common style

The older, slim-style SERP has a cutoff limit of 512px – which equates to around 55-61 characters.

The newer, wide-style SERP has a cutoff limit of 600px – which equates to around 62-67 characters.

google serp widths

512px and 600px Google SERP widths. Source:

Wider characters like ‘O’ and ‘W’ take up more pixels than characters like ‘I’ and ‘J’. Titles with a higher number of ‘wide characters’ may be truncated at less than 50 characters in the slim 512px SERP, while you may be able to fit more than 65 characters in the slim 512px SERP meta title if you use a higher number of ‘slim characters’.

Dr Pete, from Moz, conducted a study of 10,000 searches to find the optimal meta title length. His findings were that if you keep your meta titles under 60 characters, you will have a 91% chance that your title won’t be truncated in the SERPs.

meta title SERP cut offs

Meta title SERP cut offs. Source:

Overall title length recommendation for the current state of Google SERPs:

To ensure that your meta title displays in full and is not truncated in the SERPs, you should keep it under 60 characters.

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