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When you login to your Google Analytics account, the default report is ‘Audience Overview’. From here you can see the number of ‘Users’ that have visited your site in the selected date range. This ‘Users’ number is the metric that was previously called ‘Unique Visitors’.

google analytics unique visitors

Google renamed ‘Unique Visitors’ to ‘Users’ in April 2014 to unify the ‘Unique Visitors’ web metric and ‘Active Users’ app metric for easier reporting. At the same time, Google renamed the ‘Visitors’ metric to ‘Sessions’.

What’s the difference between ‘Sessions’ and ‘Users’?

The ‘Sessions’ metric in Google Analytics includes repeat visitors to your site, while the ‘Users’ metric counts repeat visits as a single ‘User’.

If you want to check total visits to your site, use the ‘Sessions’ metric. If you want to check ‘Unique Visitors’ to your site, you should use the ‘Users’ metric.

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