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easy digital downloads
Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin built specifically for selling digital products. It has been designed around the needs of those people selling digital products, rather than around the idea of physical products with digital as a side feature, as most e-commerce plugins are. The plugin is over four years old now and continues to garner a huge response from the WordPress community.

Released in April, 2012, Easy Digital Downloads now has 50,000+ active installs on (as of October, 2016), a rating of 4.8/5 from almost 250 reviews, and some rapid development that is constantly enhancing the plugin even further.

Let’s look at some of the features of the plugin:

Easy Digital Downloads Shopping Cart

It may seem like common sense for an eCommerce plugin to include a shopping cart, but it’s actually pretty rare for purely digital sales to include a cart system. None of the other digital goods focused e-commerce plugins include one, and nor do the industry giants like Theme Forest. The ability to purchase multiple products at once is a huge benefit of the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin.

easy digital downloads shopping cart

Powerful E-commerce Reporting

Easy Digital Downloads includes a reporting system that can show you earnings graphs for the current month, previous month, current quarter, last quarter, current year, last year, and any other custom date range you might wish to review. It also has reporting features that can show you your top grossing downloads, including their average monthly earnings/sales, and a reporting system on customers. Want to find who your best customers are? It’s simple with Easy Digital Downloads.

easy digital downloads reporting

Lightweight and Fast

While still being very powerful, Easy Digital Downloads is also very lightweight – meaning that it won’t slow down your site or put heavy loads on your servers. Rather than impose its own unique styling to your store pages (as most e-commerce plugins do), Easy Digital Downloads lets your current theme dictate the majority of the styling, which makes for a seamless integration with your current WordPress theme. This also means that EDD works with the vast majority of WordPress themes without having drastic styling clashes and issues.

Simple and Variable Download Pricing

The plugin includes the option to set a simple, single price for each download product as well as the option to enable Variable Prices. Variable Prices gives you the ability to create multiple prices the buyer can choose from. You can also dictate which files the buyer receives depending on which pricing option they choose.

easy digital downloads variable pricing

Extensive Documentation

Every aspect of the plugin has been documented by the team at Easy Digital Downloads and is being improved every single week. There are also many user created guides for any questions or customized featured you may be looking for.

Highly Extendable

easy digital downloads free extensions
One of the aspects that makes Easy Digital Downloads truly powerful is how extendable it is. This means that add-on plugins can be written to further enhance the default functionality. There are currently over 120 extensions available (including free and premium options) with some of the highlights including:

  • Affiliates Pro Integration for providing a complete affiliate tracking and management system inside your WordPress install.
  • Software Licensing for generating and tracking license keys as well as serving automatic updates to WordPress products.
  • Commissions for automatically tracking and paying out commissions to multiple users when products sale.
  • Payment gateway for accepting credit card payments through PayPal Pro.
  • EDD Social Links for adding social sharing icons to download pages.
  • Mail Chimp integration for automatically signing up buyers to your Mail Chimp newsletters.
  • Payment gateway for accepting credit cards through
  • Pushover Notifications for getting sales and earnings reports pushed directly to your phone.
  • PDF Invoices that let your buyers download PDF invoice receipts.
  • Payment gateway for accepting credit card payments through
  • EDD Slider for showing a fully-responsive image slider on the product pages.
  • Amazon S3 integration for delivering download files from your Amazon S3 CDN storage.

Get the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin here:

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